Where every girl feels like a Supreme...

Supreme Me invites you to participate in a fun filled, self-esteem building, family oriented Beauty Pageant System where every contestant feels like a Supreme winner receiving a crown, gift, and sometime CASH! Supreme Me is a full Glitz total package pageant and Supreme Me Faces is our Natural Pageant where all you need is a Beautiful face to win!!  Ready for something NEW? Then Supreme Me is for YOU!

Preliminary Mini State Beauty Pageants

Join us at a fun local pageant in a city near you!! Our preliminary Beauty Pageants are great for beginners.  All contestants will feel like a winner receiving a crown and gift. We offer both glitz and natural competitions at our prelim pageants so there is something for EVERYONE!

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West Coast Supreme Me Pageant

Supreme Me Faces is our Natural Beauty Pageant. No Experience Needed. No expensive clothing to buy. No Modeling experiences necessary. All you need is a BEAUTIFUL Face!!! All contestants will feel like a Supreme Winner winning a BEAUTIFUL Crown, Sash, and CASH Award!

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Supreme Me National beauty Pageant

Join us in Nashville, TN February 24-26, 2017 for an event like no other! Supreme Me Night at the Museum Nationals is our annual national  Beauty Pageant where we roll out the red carpet and treat all our contestants like ROYALTY! It is a fun weekend of competition, an adventure or sleepover at the Adventure Science Center, and memories to last a life time!!

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